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Common Childhood Maladies

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Children having a sickly body can sabotage their growth and development. But the cost of pediatric health care and lack of availability of services is a problem in the U.S.

Medical research shows that at least 13.6 million kids lack adequate health care access. And trying to find affordable health care for children can be overwhelming. Even cost reduction programs are hard to grasp. Added to that is the parents/guardians' lack of knowledge about preventative measures and proper care in childhood illness. 

So it is crucial to emphasize that children are not just small adults and should not be treated like such. Children need special attention when it comes to their illness. 

Number59 Common Childhood Maladies contains the number of illnesses common to children that are mostly overlooked by adults. Most of these illnesses if left unchecked will possibly lead to serious complications. 

By learning about these illnesses, you'll have the knowledge that will help you avoid huge medical expenses. You can also help your child have a foundation for all growth and development.

You don't want to sacrifice your child's precious life just for the sake of saving money, right?