You face life's challenges as we all do.

Raising children has its moments, and you, you want the very best for them. Being a parent has always been challenging; it is especially today. Parents must stay focused on teaching their children to become unselfish, caring, and responsible adults. That is not an easy task!

Being a baby-boomer grandparent, I wanted to pass on my experiences to help guide you to do the best for your children, health, and mobility. I set up Number59Shop to complement the associated websites I had developed. I wanted to provide sound, mature, helpful guidance to support your journey facing life's demands.

Number 59 means always getting through despite how hard it is. 59 was the number of a sailing yacht that competed in five of the Sydney to Hobart (Australia) ocean yacht races. Number 59 always got through. The toughest ocean yacht race - rough weather, broken gear, injured and sick crew thrown at her, but she never failed and always finished. She never let us down - we never let her down! So, Number59Shop was named for principles of perseverance and Stoicism.

Number59Shop was established to offer various educational toys to stimulate your child's curiosity and imagination, thus contributing to child development and manual skills. May Number59Shop be your partner contributing to your child's growth and preparing him for adulthood.