Welcome to the Number59 Shop

Welcome to the Number59 Shop

Many toys in the market are said to be a Montessori Toy. But, this is unfair and way off the mark. Because there is no such thing as a Montessori Toy. 

Montessori is an educational philosophy with techniques to draw out your child's natural intelligence. What's more disappointing is that many of these so-called Montessori Toys do not have the Montessori idea as they're advertised.

How do I know? I am a qualified teacher at classroom time. One of my three sons attended a Montessori pre-school. And I closely watch my five grandchildren develop their learning experiences.

With this, I've noticed how vital educational toys are to a child's intellectual and mental development. That is why at Number59 Shop, I personally chose what toys are on Montessori standards or what toys truly have educational value. 

Each child has a unique and fun way of learning. And we have a variety of educational toys that parents and teachers can use depending on the child's needs. From puzzle toys to arts & crafts, each with its own educational purposes. 

Number59 Shop will continue to add more products as they meet our strict testing. We also want to hear your recommendations for educational toys. Together, we can help your kids focus and enjoy learning.




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